The Mockingbird (Early December @ Interlochen Arts Academy, DATES TBD)

by Juliet Coe

Directed by Daniel Rosales

The Mockingbird is a contemporary coming of age story focused on how identity develops and comes into question in teenage years. It follows the story of two sisters, Ella and Lana, and they endure the hilarious and tragic paradox of living. Mockingbird seeks to examine how everyone views life and learning process of finding one's identity.

Heartbeat (Early May @ Interlochen Arts Academy, DATES TBD)

by Noelle Johnson

Directed by Claudia Schlomer

Heartbeat is a play that encapsulates any uterus-owning person’s worst nightmare: limited access to abortion. Five strangers sit in an abortion clinic, each woman waiting for her procedure. Boundaries are set and then crossed. Political stances are challenged. The patients learn how alike they all are, and what it really means to have your rights taken from you.

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