Theatre Depot

Theatre Depot is a student run theatrical organization based at Interlochen Arts Academy. We are aimed including all artists in new works created by and for Interlochen Students. Started by Daniel Rosales, Leah Cohen, and Olivia Weiss in 2018, the young team brings a fresh eye to new works. Theatre Depot serves as a playground for new work, allowing young writers to have their ideas realized.  

Our Team

Daniel Rosales - Executive Director

Daniel Rosales (he/him) is a sixteen year old theatre student. He is currently a sophomore at Interlochen Arts Academy. 

Daniel's vision for Theatre Depot spurred from his desire to create new and groundbreaking work across communities that may not usually have that opportunity. He plans on serving the next theatre generation and influencing artistic landscapes as much as he can.

Daniel will focus a lot of his time on directing, fundraising, writing, and nurturing works that are relevant in today's societies. He wants Theatre Depot to be the home of inclusivity.

Leah Cohen - Artistic Director

Leah Cohen (she/her) is an eighteen year old theatre artist. She is currently getting ready for her Freshman year at Tufts University.

Leah's interest in devised work will bring a unique eye to Theatre Depot's productions. Her experience with new works and collaborating with people of all disciplines will carry into the model for Theatre Depot.


Leah will focus a lot of her time on writing, reimagining existing works, performing, and appointing staff.

Olivia Weiss - Managing Director

Olivia Weiss (she/her) is an eighteen year old theatre artist. She is currently getting ready for her Freshman year at California Institute of the Arts.

Olivia Weiss' love for the Theatre Depot mission spurred from her desire to collaborate with other artists and making their texts come to life. 


Olivia will focus a lot of her time on leading the Junior Board of Operations, managing budget and time, and being the bridge between the creative team and the production team.

Junior Board

Samia El-Erian


Charlotte Kearns


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